Corporate Video

A corporate video is an excellent way to communicate about your company and raise your profile. Whether to tell your story, promote your brand, or share important information, a corporate video is the best way to convey your message. Here are some key insights for crafting and disseminating an impactful and successful corporate video!

What is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a type of video whose main purpose is to communicate and provide information about your company. It is also referred to as a company film or institutional video.

This should not be confused with branded content videos or brand content videos, which aim to create an emotional impact between the viewer and the brand through storytelling.

Why Create a Corporate Video for Your Business?

You need to present your business, communicate your values, or tell your story and showcase your unique skills. With over 80% of global internet traffic, producing a corporate video is an excellent way to reach a wide audience and generate engagement.
On social media, video is the most visible and shared medium, with an average of 30% more interaction than an image, and twice as many shares.

Last but not least, creating a corporate video as part of your communication strategy will unite and motivate your teams, provided it’s authentic and sincere.

How Does Corporate Video Production Work in Montreal and Quebec?

The Brief

This is the most important phase of your project. I suggest a face-to-face discussion to fully understand your needs and the problem you wish to solve with this type of video. We draw up a brief that will serve as a guideline for the design of your corporate video.

Preproduction Phase

There are several options here for video scripting:

  • Fully script the video with the writing of a potential voice-over. The script is written by you and reviewed by me, or it can be directly written by me, but this will require more resources.
  • Define goals and expectations and let the authenticity of the moment flow.

Preparation Phase

After the brief and the pre-production phase, I prepare the shooting phase so that everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day. I like to visit the filming location first to assess framing, lighting, and audio recording possibilities. The time required for this phase can vary considerably from one project to another.

Shooting Phase

Lights, camera, action! This is when we capture the essence of your video. Depending on the project’s scope and complexity, I may enlist another cameraperson for support.

Post-Production and Editing

This is the final phase, where everything takes shape, and probably the one that customers are least familiar with. This is where the best shots are chosen and put together to createa coherent story with the brief.

From here, I integrate music, sound design, color grading all the shots, and add the necessary graphics and transitions to achieve a professional and unique corporate video.


Once the video is finished, you’ll have a quality video ready to broadcast on your website, social networks or any other relevant channel.

Why is Storytelling the Best Way to Create an Original and Effective Corporate Video?

Imagine merging one of the oldest concepts ever created (storytelling) with the communication tool that provides the most visibility at present (video).

You get a clever combination that completely transforms your business and company. Storytelling is one of the few ways that allows you to be unique, authentic, and unifying.

Okay Nicolas, if it’s so magical, why isn’t everyone using it? Many companies use it, but few remember because telling a good story is not easy.

My role here is to help you make the most of this fantastic tool and promote your business by meeting the goals you’ve set yourself.

How to Create a Corporate Video

Even before delving into the video concept, it’s essential to define your objective and what you aim to achieve with this type of video.

Here are some questions that can guide you:

  • Who do I want to reach through this video? Who is my target audience?
  • What do I want to highlight or showcase?
  • Which distribution channel do I want to use?
  • What problem do I want to solve with a corporate video?

Examples of Corporate Video Creation

Here are a few corporate video concepts to get you started:

Informational Video

As the name suggests, the aim here is to inform the audience about your activity. This could include presenting figures, a new service, or an annual report.

Educational Video

Here, you explore a specific topic that concerns your business and raise a question. About how your company solves a particular problem.

Commemorative Video

Share the story of your company, how it all began, and why you embarked on this journey.

Commercial Video

Showcase the benefits of your product and/or service.

Case Study Video

It’s all about telling the story behind a project through the voices of employees, partners and customers.

Employer Branding Video

Look back at some of the memorable moments you and your team have experienced. An employer branding video gives an authentic insight into what your employees might experience at your company.

Employee Profile Video

It’s all in the title. In an employee portrait video, your employee is at the heart of the video and in the spotlight because their skills add real value to your company.

Event Video

Charity events, seminars, end-of-year gatherings – this is the kind of video that that humanize your brand.

Testimonial Video

Feature customer testimonials to enhance credibility with your audience.

What Is the Cost of a Corporate Video?

The age-old question of cost. I’ll answer you simply by saying, it depends on your budget…It’s like asking, “What’s the price of a car?”

You can certainly create a corporate video with an iPhone and achieve satisfactory results. A professional service requires time and money, not only because the equipment used is obviously not quite the same as an iPhone, but also because skills and know-how are involved.

Define the budget you want to allocate to this type of video. From there, we can determine together what can be done to meet your objectives.

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