Les Affûtes - Crowdfunding: La Ruche

The Project

Objective: Create a crowdfunding video that presents the concept and the new project of Les Affûtés. The crowdfunding video will be broadcast on the Quebec platform La Ruche to raise funds.

Target Audience: Individuals attracted to manual creation with an environmental approach.

Concept: The video showcases some of Les Affutes’ workshops as well as the new location. I wanted the viewer to envision themselves in this place. I used both architectural images superimposed on real images of the location. I rarely use a stabilizer, but this project was perfectly suited for it.

Key Video Project Numbers

  • The video production was completed in 1 day at Les Affutes’ future premises and in some workshops (kitchen and garage), with minimal setup. A single Sony FX3 camera with a Sony 24-70 GM II lens, a Sennheiser MK600 shotgun microphone, and natural or ambient light were used.
  • Editing and color-grading were completed in less than a week.

The Positive Impact Behind the Project

Les Affûtés have made it their mission to develop everyone’s manual skills by teaching them how to make, maintain, and repair their everyday items.

The project is entirely organized in a circular economy, with over 80% of the materials used in the workshops destined for waste. The team recovers these materials and uses them in the workshops.

Today, Les Affûtés saves 15 tons of materials yearly, and the new project aims to increase this to 45 tons.

Have a Video Project in Mind?

Together, let’s change social and environmental practices for the better.