ChefFE - MTL à Table

Mini Documentary

Objective: To make a documentary film in 24 hours for the opening of MTL à Table and as part of the One Day Doc documentary festival, based in Toronto and organized by The Art of Documentary.

Target Audience: The One Day Doc festival, and by extension, spectators who love documentaries, human stories, and visual gastronomy.

Content: I wanted to follow Chef Mariana Gaspar for several reasons.
– I thought it would be interesting to showcase a cuisine that blends both Argentine and Quebecois cultures.
– Highlighting women in the kitchen, who are under-represented in the professional field.
– Being immersed in a kitchen with the aromas, the preparation of dishes and the stress of opening night for MTL à Table.
– The challenge was to obtain beautiful images in a confined space where I had to ensure I didn’t disturb the cooks while capturing the moment.

The Video Project in Numbers

  • Total video production will take 1 week. The shoot took just over 12 hours. From 8 a.m. for the opening of the Jean Talon market, to the last service in the evening.
  • The shoot required 5 camera batteries, 2 monitoring batteries, 1 auxiliary light, and 2 microphones.
  • The overall project size is 500 GB. This includes filming day, dressing, and sound design.

The positive impact of the project

ChefFeis a positive impact film aimed at showcasing not only the talent of Chef Mariana but also her all-female kitchen team.

Women are under-represented in the culinary field. The Michelin guide is there to remind us, with 2,650 Michelin-starred chefs worldwide, only 10% of whom are women

This documentary film is dedicated to them.

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