Video Production in Montreal

Having worked for many years in a communication agency as a Digital Project Manager, my service offering goes beyond just creating videos. I support actors of positive impact in their communication strategy through visual storytelling.
Video is an integral part of the solution that will meet your objectives.

I handle project management, video production, editing, and color grading, all while guiding you in your overall communication strategy.

In summary, I offer the services of a video production and marketing agency, without the costs of an agency. I’m based in Montreal, but I travel throughout Quebec, Canada, and internationally as needed.
Positive impact knows no boundaries!

Choose Your Package

Comprehensive Support

We define your objectives together by creating tailored and long-term content. Comprehensive support includes all packages such as “Brand Video,” “Content Creation,” photography, and all necessary marketing items to meet visual objectives.

  • 1 timeless video
  • Multiple videos, such as Reels
  • Photo image bank
  • Boost your brand’s visibility!

Brand Video

I create a video project that highlights the human aspect and story behind your brand. My documentary approach to video makes your brand inspiring through timeless content.

  • 1 timeless video
  • Duration exceeding 1 minute
  • Boost your brand

Content Creation

I produce short formats to make your brand memorable to your target audience. I assist you in implementing the format and its strategy.

  • Multiple videos, like Reels
  • Duration less than 1 minute
  • Make your brand memorable


Are you on a tight budget and prefer to produce your video content in-house? I can advise and guide you so you can effectively and professionally communicate through video.

Steps to Create Your Video Project


Schedule an Appointment

Choose the package that best suits your needs, then let’s discuss your project and objectives.


Project Preparation

Using collaborative tools, we define all the creation steps together.


Project Execution

We create a video project that meets our defined objectives and positively impacts change.

Have a Video Project in Mind?

Together, let’s change social and environmental practices for the better.