Dunord - Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding Campaign

Objective: Explain Dunord’s project in a video and raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign presented on La Ruche.

Target Audience: LWomen aged 22-35 who want to eat less meat, are vegan and have less time to cook. The video also addresses people for whom food waste should not be a concern in 2023…

Content: The tone of the video is resolutely focused on food waste on farms. Dunord’s innovative and environmentally responsible concept is the answer to this problem.
The shooting was divided into two parts: in the morning at a local farm and in the afternoon at the Centrale Agricole de Montréal.

The Positive Impact Behind the Project

Dunord’s project has a positive environmental impact because it aims to reduce food waste in Quebec through the food circular economy.

This video aims not only to raise awareness among viewers about the current state of food waste in Quebec (and worldwide) but also to show them that viable solutions exist.

The visual aspect is intended to both entice viewers, take them on a dreamy journey, and also make them aware of the beauty of certain products and the environment around us.

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