The magic of comic artist Romain Blais

Portrait Documentary

Objective: The aim of this documentary portrait is to present the incredible talent of illustrator and comic book artist Romain Blais through a narrative story.

Target: Comic book and illustration fans, but also people who like to travel through the drawings and worlds of artists like Romain.

Content: This documentary portrait takes us into the streets of Montreal, but also into Romain’s studio, where he spends most of his time drawing, coloring and putting down on paper the stories he manages to invent for himself.
To carry out this project, I wanted to surround myself with a Montreal team. The very best.

Pierre Rammah is back as writer. An avid storyteller and former journalist, he wrote the voice-over script and put into shape the ideas I had in mind.

On vocals, Nicolas Charbonneaux, who you’ve probably already heard dubbing the voices of Desmond Miles (Assassin’s Creed), Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake, to name but a few. In this project, he lends his voice to Crook, the character created by Romain.

Finally, I was responsible for production, filming, editing and color timing.

The video project in figures

  • Total video production will take 4 months. That’s because we weren’t in a hurry, and didn’t have a precise deadline (passion project). We wanted to take the time to do things right.
  • Filming took place over 4 days.
  • The total project is 1 TB. This includes the day’s shooting, sound design, voice-over files and all pre-production content.

A Video Project?